5 thoughts on “BE LINEN MOVIE”

  1. Carol says:

    Wow, just beautiful the video. I just loved the linen fields and how they look so hard and sometimes look like hair!
    but the love that these people have for this material are just amazing.very cool inspiration, congratulations to Benoit. :)

  2. Fonda Lashay says:

    i know! it is so pretty! and i do LOVE linen clothing! Especially when it is warm!

  3. Britton Orrange says:

    Mmmmm this was so easy to fall in love with, terrific work Benoit and thanks for posting this Fonda! My heart is lighter seeing such a broad community sharing a passion for something so fundamental. <3

  4. max says:

    wow amazing videography. really let me into the world of linen. beautiful.

  5. corina says:

    beautiful movie, i now want to stop all of my work for the day and play only with linen! thank you for sharing

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