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Music Monday: Moderat – Bad Kingdom

Moderat is a collaboration project between Sascha Ring, also known as Apparat, and Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary, also known as Modeselektor. So simply put, Moderat is louder than Apparat and more toned down than Modeselektor.

Music Monday: Fever Ray – If I Had A Heart

Fever Ray is another long time favorite, she has this deep mystical and semi creepy style of videos which just maxamizes how amazing her music alway is. Fever Ray is Karin Elisabeth Dreijer Andersson, one part of the duo known as “The Knife” – the

Music Monday: Die Antwoord – I Fink U Freeky

Die Antwoord is for sure different and just so entertaining! Their music and videos are not for those easily offended or put off. I would say they would fall into the NSFW category for sure – but that always depends on where you work of

Music Monday: GusGus – Over

GusGus is one of my favorite Icelandic bands – but to be honest, many of my favorites are from Iceland! GusGus has been around since 1995, though they have rotated a few members the heart has stayed the same.

Patatap: An Interactive Instrument

Patatap is an interactive instrument that creates amazing interactive graphics. Different key strokes make different sounds – however, when you press the space bar the background color changes which changes the keystrokes as well. Which means “A” will sound different on blue vs grey. Paratap

TYCHO – Awake

I really love Tycho’s last album and have alway loved his work as a graphic designer – ISO50. This new album has been on repeat since it was released. It is the kind of music that is calm enough to work but no where near