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The Marcus Beach house celebrates a natural, coastal setting providing its occupants with an inextricable relationship to the landscape and sensitive surrounding environment. The dwelling explores lightness, filtering natural breezes, layers of transparency and integrating indoor / outdoor spaces within dynamic patterns of light and shadow, being a simple frame to enable a contemporary sustainable lifestyle to unfold.

Architects: BARK Design Architects
Location: Queensland, Australia
Photographs: Christopher Frederick Jones

[found via archdaily]

4 thoughts on “Marcus Beach House”

  1. steve guthrie says:

    Hi Fonda
    Thank you for posting the Marcus beach House on your blog. Please could we request that the photographer is changed to Christopher Frederick Jones (instead of Lindy Atkin and Scott Burrows). Arch Daily have corrected this error on their site. Thanks and best regards


  2. admin says:

    Hi Steve, thanks for the correction – the info has been updated :)

  3. Robert says:

    A great house. Take a look at my house which the Bark Design team are just completing in Maleny, Queensland Australia.

  4. Fonda Lashay says:

    Robert, you have a beautiful house being built. Congratulations. I can only dream to be in your shoes one day :)

    Please let me know when it is finished and the final photos are up, I would love to do a feature on your house.

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