Sleepy Lagoon





A new draft table by the Japanese designer Kazuhiro Yamanaka: A simple form with a double tray to store many items. This table, named “Sleepy Lagoon” was announced at the festival 100% Design in London.

The flowing breeze slides down the surface of the water passing soundlessly.
If we open our minds to the endless surface of the water, which reflects the sky of daybreak, we may receive a message from nature telling us the constant activity of the universe,
The sleepy lagoon is designed to visualise the concept.
The area between the desk top and the curve can be utilised as a space for putting books, news papers, or clothes. A gentle curve is carefully chosen to be harmonized with breeze in the space or even music around the space.

[via fubiz]

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  1. CMerrill says:

    The design is very clean and practical but, who buys a drafting table that doesn’t tilt?

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