tattoo lust

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  1. Celine says:

    Love the Love tattoo; The tattoo of the flower has such great color. Like the concept of white on white tattoo (See, hear, feel) and could see myself with a tattoo of the map of the world… could add a dot on every countries have live in so far!!!

  2. Carol says:

    that’s why i have #tattoofriday! i can’t take my eyes off this beautiful things such those ones.

  3. Leigha says:

    Swoon. I love a great tattoo. The see, hear, feel is gorgeous. Bookmarked (I mean, tattoos are addicting after all!).


  4. fajas colombianas says:

    I dunno why but I liked the keylock tattoo the most.

  5. Marissa says:

    I would get the key hole tattoo, i think its pretty cute

  6. Nat@ dear little house says:

    Some very nice tattoos here! I like something a little bit unconventional!

  7. steve says:

    i love that keylock tat the most. It just something about it caught my attention putting on the tattoo lovers facebook page hahaha.

  8. Craig says:

    Some great tattoo ideas here! I love the one with the path of sequential numbers tracing out ‘love’ best :)

  9. Asif says:

    Amazing Tattoos. Nice collection.

  10. Karen says:

    my friend has a key hole tattoo on the back of her neck, and her husband has the key tattood on himself which is sweet!

  11. Candified says:

    That keyhole tattoo is amazing!

  12. Aetiyuel Williams says:

    I liked the keyhole tattoo. Definitely gonna have the keyhole on my wrist. Thanx for the idea and of course for sharing too…!!!

  13. Wink - New Media and Communication says:

    Respect! The lettering on the first image is just too good!

  14. Online Business Blog says:

    tattoo lust – I have many tribal tatoos – they are heritage made for custom looks

  15. dragon images says:

    great tattoo

  16. Online Business Blog says:

    awesome tatto blog post here – thankz alot for the great ideas ….

  17. ebee says:

    i like the see, hear, feel one the best! so pretty. and its not actually a tattoo. that’s scarification.

  18. Bryan Greifinger says:

    Thought you might find this site interesting…..

  19. Mohsinfancy says:

    Cool. I like all the tatoos.. best was with the Key hole..

  20. Karmin says:

    These Tattoo’s are cool still waiting on my first one, soon!

  21. MDC says:

    love the keyhole tattoo, the font for the second one is really awesome!

  22. Deeksha says:

    The Tatoos are too cool guys, The one with the lock and the LOVE with the connecting numbers are very nice.

  23. TheRealMsStretch says:

    The world map was awesome, wonder if it’ll stay in the creases of her wrist. Mine didn’t, had to retouch.
    Love the pink flowers too.

  24. zohaib zulfiqar says:

    Awesome Tattoos
    Nice Design

  25. Daniel Mihai Popescu says:

    This is a highly form of art. I like it more than a lot of other things I’ve seen lately.

  26. jm says:

    lol guys the keyhole is not a real tattoo…

  27. Logo Design says:

    I love this tattoo collection! I like most “LOVE” tattoo design!

  28. New Web Templates says:

    Girl back neck side key hole tattoo is superb! Its looks so attractive.

  29. Top says:

    The World Map tattoo on hand is looks so beautiful. One of my friend’s friend made this tattoo on his back.. and it looks awesome!!

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